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Around in style

I'm still around Live Journal, I've missed posting here but almost no I know is still here. Everyone has move to Facebook and frankly i'm kinda tired of Facebook. Its okay but I'm never on enough to check every single text message length post people are putting on there Facebook accounts. Really the only thing I seem to use it for is to ensure people in my family get pictures of my two wonderful kids and occasionally see a post on how i'm doing in chicago land.

To the World

How things been with you?
I've been a mix of emotions over the last year, from depressed to ecstatic. My Daughter was born october 4th and she is such a cutie. Her name is Isabella.

Where are you now?
Kaila and I moved in June to Lombard from our old place in Forest Park. Its been interesting 6 months since we moved in, amazingly we have managed to get rid of every last bit of handy me down furniture for one thing our dining room table which will go into the trash when I get my tax return.

Hows work been?
Well with me, my career working as a Graphic Design Specialist has ensured my continued employment thankfully. I work for a nice small firm with some really interesting characters for co-workers. There are times I butt heads with my manager but its usually from mutual miss understandings, geek mind vs older architect mind.

Hows Life other wise?
Its been wild and crazy in more ways then one, perhaps I'll tell some of you one day all about it. I'll try and keep up with my posting to this journal so as to not let it die.


Ah to relax

Tomorrow is Friday, I am sooooooo ready to sleep. Not that I will get to relax on Saturday, may be I'll get to relax on Sunday. I'm going to begin streamlining the Gary vampire website Sunday, I'm just going to turn it into a forum. They can use it or not but i wont have to poke people to give me their updated information they can just update it themselves.

tomorrow is the big move

leaving forest park for lombard the apparent complex we are moving into is so nice. the new place is even closer to my job in oakbrook terrace which is awesome. it is right off of 355 and north ave for reference. I will miss the forest park community but I won't miss the issues with our landlord!

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I've been playing Darius for what seems like forever, before Shadows of the Jewel even joined One World by Night I was playing this PC. Darius has changed so much since I first started the PC, from a drugged up ecstasy path convert to set to the sword wielding, sutek path following, Sergent at Arms in the warrior caste of the followers of set. As I look back a lot of the changes were forced on the Darius on an occ level, Darius was booted off Ecstasy because the staff running SOTJ decided no one should be on paths so Darius was put on humanity (yep he was humane... once) but after about 5 months of having the merit Code of Honor Typhon Set and using that for just about any social challenge as a retest in which I could reason I was affecting the social norms to better the situation for the followers of set, the staff decided to let me get back on a path mostly to stop to remove the code of honor I had been given in exchange for being forced on to humanity on an occ level. So Darius stepped on to the path of the warrior and it was good, it best reflected the changes ic that had gone on with Darius, less the drugged up douche bag to the I need to hit things douche bag. For quite some time he remained on that till about a year and half two years ago when the setite cord decided the warrior path was now blood line specific now caste specific and I was arbitrarily booted off again this time to Path of Sutek.

I have come to the conclusion the Lay lines that cross the OWBN universe hate Darius, its not really the org its actually an ascendant Mage npc who's taken a personal affront at Darius being happy and any time Darius gets comfy he just gets really pissed off and must fuck with Darius.

So now I relax and ponder should I move Darius back to Ecstasy path, Sutek has never nor will it ever match up with the Personality I have built up over the years for Darius it just does not fit. He's not a lore seeker, hes a guardian of priests and citizens, a warrior in Sets army. The personality for Darius does still have his I'm bored now lets go do something stupid moments, throw back to his early days. Would it fit I don't know but it has to make more sense then what he's on right now. I'm getting to that point as a PC where for the little guy plots I'm just too over powered and for the big PC plots I'm not quite powerful enough I'm in that middle zone of not a super heavy hitter nor am I a tiny Tim either. So I've decided to open an IC bar... again. I'm hopeful the 5th time is the charm (think the Monty python bit about castles for what happened to the other four except insert fire bombings, hunters, angels/demons and more fire bombings)

Now I know I could prop for access again to the warrior path, but I hate sitting on my thumbs and asking for some special dis-compensation from the OWbN just for a path of enlightenment.

I continue to portray Darius as Toreador publicly, though I do know a lot of people know he's a follower of set. I think a lot of the people who know that he is a convert just assumed their pc knows simply cause frankly its hard to remember what they know ic vs occ and honestly I don't care. Maintaining a hidden connection has never been a matter of serious concern. Hell in SOTJ I was pulling hearts like it was going out of style back before it went Cammi and I actually like the role play from the people who've heard the rumors but their not sure they believe it.

Not that I talk about it much with people at game, I've been writing a fantasy/sci-fi novel. I'm around 200+ pages right now. I figure I'll be done some time next year as since I've started working again I just haven't been able to sit and write like I was when I was unemployed.


testing out the lj phone app

test ing out my new cellphone app for livejournal. now I dont have to open up google chrome to post and read what others have said yay modern tech.

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Noticed a post that got me thinking.

The general sentiment of the post was such. People left live journal/blogs to post on things like twitter and Facebook because what your allowable space to post is actually quite small meaning you save yourself from actually opening up to much to world out side and being even more vulnerable to snark attacks.

Now the bigger question, I wonder how many people I know actually still use Live journal.


Well better late then never.kaila and I are expecting out second child in october and of course were super excited. in two weeks were moving into our apartment in lombard, which puts me a few minutes closer to my new job in oakbrook terrace. all in all the time between when I lost my job at som to. getting my job at, anderson mikos architecture ive spent my time watching my son grow.he will be two in august hard to believe already.


Wow forever

Well since my last post, lets see. I held various nothing jobs till two months ago when I was hired by an Architecture Firm in Oakbrook Terrace. I'll post some more later tonight.

Vote for me


Its a casting call for the reality show big brother 11 vote for me and lets see if I too can become a reality tv show drone.

I am a victem of the times.

Well the week before thanksgiving I was laid off along with a very large number of my co-workers. I've spent the last week updating my portfolio to send out to have the cream of the crop for work I've done over the last 2 years. Today is updating my Resume then sending it and the portfolio out to some companies in the area. I'm not to worried, SOM may be going through downsizing but a number of there compition are in boom growth so Work is out there just how long till I get picked up.